Jabu P. Buthelezi

Specialist Wellness Counsellor - Couples Counsellor in Noordwyk, Midrand

Couples Counselling/ Marriage Counselling in Noordwyk, Midrand


Are simple discussions and differences in opinion turning into big fights?


Do your conflicts go on and on without being resolved, leaving you feeling exhausted and helpless?


Are words that your partner uses cut very deep, leaving you feeling hurt, unloved, unsafe, and angry? 


Even though you talk, somehow you seem to miss each other? 


Is your intimacy and connection to your partner disappearing?


Are you finding it hard to trust him/her anymore?


Do you want to strengthen your relationship and foundation before moving to the next step (i.e. premarital counselling)?


Attending counselling will allow you and your partner to navigate through such challenges.


It will further help you to develop the necessary skills required to prevent any future difficulties within a safe and neutral setting. 


Your response in these situations will determine the success of your relationship.


Couples and Marriage Counselling is not a quick fix to any difficulty that you are going through. It requires time and application of the knowledge you learnt. However, if you do not apply this knowledge, you will be wasting your time and money. So I encourage you to be open-minded, be willing to learn, adapt and to change how you respond to your partner, events, and situations, then couples and marriage counselling can and will turn your relationship around. Together, you will benefit immensely!



What to expect from Couples Counselling .... Marriage Counselling


      -      Rebuilding trust and strengthening your bond


       -     Improving intimacy and bringing back fun and laughter 


      -      Communicating more effectively and hearing each other's perspective


      -      Constructively and successfully resolving conflicts and disagreements 


      -     Stop hurting each other through words, body language, tone used, and behaviour


      -     Understanding your partner better


      -     Helping you identify unhelpful and destructive patterns in their relationships 


      -     Receiving a variety of tools and strategies to apply as you deal with the situation / manage the situation /

             resolve the situation  



             Premarital Counselling

               -      Laying a solid foundation for a future that you are embarking on together




           R650 for a 1-hour session.

           Unfortunately, we do not accept medical aid.